Tips for Dry-cleaning Leather and Fur Clothing

Leather and fur clothing are made by animal skins. The cleaning result is usually affected by its characteristics and how the skin is being tanned, preserved, disinfected and dyed. The followings are some common cleaning phenomena:

  • Clothing which is made by skins from different partss, different colours or different animals may cause colour variation after cleaning.
  • Colour losing and fading are common for cleaning badly dyed leather clothing.
  • Mildew spots may alter the original colour of the leather clothing. Even though they are invisible, they can sometimes become permanent stains in the dry-cleaning process.
  • It may be impossible to remove the stains if they have been left on the leather or fur clothing for a long time.
  • The colour or structure of leather and fur may make it difficult to remove the stains completely without damaging the clothing.
  • The smell of leather or fur clothing may still remain even after cleaning.

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