MOLD is the hidden threat to Expensive Leather Items

Mold is a problem in Shanghai especially for expensive garments. Mold is a living thing, a fungus to be exact, that is primarily airborne. However, when it lands on a hospitable area, such as a leather jacket or handbag, it latches on and reproduces. Mould spores grow very easily and usually start in less ventilated situations such as closets and drawers. This means you need to take care of mold on your leather right away. If you let it go for a while, the problem will only get worse. It becomes more difficult to remove the mold there is, and it can even spread to other items nearby.

If you notice something whitish brown or black on your leather there is a chance that it could be mold, and even more likely so if it has a puffy or fuzzy appearance and a very irregular shape. Severe mold will also have a strong musty smell. If that happens, Call SPAwash immediately, any delay will likely result in permanent and irreversible damage to the item.

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